The Countdown to Obamageddon has begun!

obama clock

Counter-clockwise, it’s feeling like…

Detroit at 11 o’clock:

The Rockies at 10 o’clock:

Northwest at 9 o’clock:

San Francisco at 8 o’clock:

Los Angeles at 7 o’clock:

The South at 6 o’clock:

Miami at 5 o’clock:

Hawaii and the shining seas at 4 o’clock:

Washington, DC, at 3 o’clock:

New York City at 2 o’clock:

Ohio at 1 o’clock:

Chicago at midnight:

SUBMIT YOUR OWN MIXES and celebrate your home turf. We’ll post it here and on our Facebook page.


The Looking Class


For Orange County, CA: DJ Jason Blakemore from behind the Orange curtain, “Live at Secret Cinema for Obama”:


For Los Angeles, CA: DJ Pollinator’s breaks mix “Can I Get An Amen?”:


DJ Pollinator’s harvest house mix  “Heartwaves”