Ohio: The Wide Open

Katherine Switzer at Boston Marathon

Katherine Switzer literally breaks sexist barrier in U.S. sports in 1967

Counter-clockwise, it’s 1 and the race for the future is wide open… Feel 11:

Download: Feel 11 – Ohio: The Wide Open, at 160 kbps


“Ohio and Pennsylvania hold the key to the 2012 Election. The childhood home of EDM vocal legends Robert Owens and Lady Miss Kier, Ohio is the homestretch. From stargazing techno masters to Cudi the Kid, it contains both a culturally diverse and culturally monotone landscape. That social fabric is in many ways conservative. But just as Katherine Switzer in 1967 had to fight off men who tried to stop her from finishing the Boston Marathon because she was a woman, Ohio can also be the final breakthrough for the Obama coalition. The forces clawing at that triumph are that desperate. It’s now up to moderate women and resurrected auto workers to keep it open.” 


Lady Miss Kier and Deee-Lite

Ohio has nothing to do with EDM. Or does it? Much like in the auto industry, Ohio is part of the eco-system of America’s native Techno and House scene. Robert Owens, who grew up in Ohio singing gospel at his church, would become the soulful voice of classic cuts “Can You Feel It?” and “A Path” with Larry Heard and Ron Wilson as part of Chicago’s legendary Fingers, Inc. outfit. He’d also collaborate with Frankie Knuckles and Satoshi Tomiie for the underground smash “Tears.” On the Techno front, Morgan Geist would launch his Environ label from Oberlin, Ohio, before going onto usher in the electro disco sound of Metro Area many years later. And local boy Dan Curtin, inspired by stargazing on his telescope and night drives in Cleveland, would help develop the sci-fi sound of EDM.

In more recent years, Cleveland’s Kid Cudi has helped put sci-hop on the map, using electronics to give rap a more spaced-out and psychedelic flavor, his “Day ‘n’ Nite” single turning heads across the musical spectrum. He’s since worked with Steve Aoki and Sharam of Deep Dish on club hits “Cudi the Kid” and “She Came Along.” The open space of Ohio is a natural fit for Cudi’s heady poems as well as the ambient rock and Irish gospel of U2. In an echo of Dan Curtin, the heyday of UK ambient Techno from the likes of Russ Gabriel, Reload, Stasis and System 7 loom on the horizon. And the guts of its steel car factory workers along the coast of Lake Erie, who could very well save the Obama presidency, might march to the machine rock of Manchester’s Joy Division.


Download: Feel 11 – Ohio: The Wide Open, at 160 kbps


Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi under spell of stars