Florida: Vamos Miami!

Deadmau5 at Winter Music Conference in Miami

Deadmau5 at Winter Music Conference in Miami

Counter-clockwise, it’s 5 and the Gulf Stream is sending a warm current… Feel 7:

Download: Feel 7 – Florida: Vamos Miami! at 160 kbps


“What do you get when you cross Tori Amos with Miami Bass and an explosion of acid beats? The warm chill breeze of Jamaica mixes with the hot hot rhythms of Cuba. Robbie Williams blasts on car radios and revelers dance around a beach bonfire to entrancing spiritual drums. The city pulses with the energy of youth and sex, the sassy attitude of jilted lovers and heartbroken survivors while the swamps murmur with mischief and danger. But nothing is more prostituted than the political lies of the national campaign season, eyeing the Sunshine State as a delicious prize.”

Rabbit in the Moon

“Rabbit in the Moon” on the beach

Florida, “flow rider,” is a spike of land on the edge of the Caribbean and kissing the Gulf that meets South America. It is at once a gateway to Latin culture and the back porch of the Deep South. Popular images of its biggest city include Miami Vice, the housing bust and a flashy beach lifestyle. Miami has also been a bastion of dance music, stretching back to its Puerto Rican and Cuban music roots and its ’80s electro boom. It has hosted the Winter Music Conference since 1985, an annual gathering of leading artists and business players in the global electronic dance music movement.

In the 1990s it was home to a number of innovative producers, including breakbeat producers DJ Icey and Rabbit In The Moon. But little matches the accomplishments of house maestros Ralph Falcon and Oscar G, who between them have output some of the sexiest dance music of the last 20 years, including the burning classics “Some Lovin'” and “Every Now And Then.” It has just enough sleaze to give it the authentic air of the Miami night with more honest heart than most folk strummers can muster in a whole album.

The site of a controversial electoral meltdown in the 2000 presidential election, Florida became a fork in the road of American History. The Iraq War and the Great Recession followed in the wake of Bush v. Gore. In 2008, Florida swung to Obama. In 2012, Florida is yet again a key battleground state and the cross current of this fickle state, just like on the dance floor, is anybody’s guess.


Download: Feel 7 – Florida: Vamos Miami! at 160 kbps


Oscar G of Murk infamy

Oscar G of Miami house duo Murk